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The Way of the Heroine:
A Healing Journal



Keeping Your Cup Full:

Self-Care is Essential to Trauma Informed Advocacy


TedX Salem

Sustaining Bravery During Difficult Times | Vanessa Timmons | TEDxSalem

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Embodied Conversations about Racism and Antiracism: PART 1

The Way of the Heroine

The Way of the Heroine: A Healing Journal

In this fast paced world of external focus, competition, and success obsession I found myself in need of a place of stillness, a place where I could think deeply about what is important to me and what is necessary for my healing. I sought a place where my voice would be valued, my ideas encouraged, and my story heard. This journal is that place. Welcome to The Way of the Heroine: A Women’s Healing Journal. 

This journal was created specifically for the survivor of abuse. Its pages are a powerful resource for healing, exploration, and re-connection to the inner wisdom that dwells within each of us. 

It is an invitation to take an amazing journey of self-awareness. Our journey doesn’t require special talents, or adherence to specific rules. It only requires one quality, and that is the willingness to trust your voice as a powerful teacher and source of healing and recovery. 


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Webinar keeping cup full

Keeping Your Cup Full: 
Self-Care is Essential to Trauma Informed Advocacy

Tuesday, October 11th 3:00-4:30pm Eastern / 12:00-1:30pm Pacific


Self-care is essential to providing trauma-informed advocacy. This webinar will offer strategies for dealing with daily work related stress, will increase awareness of the issue of vicarious trauma, and will provide ideas in order to gain organizational support to help sustain and support those working with survivors of trauma.

Presenter: Vanessa Timmons

Vanessa Timmons is the executive director of the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. She is an accomplished writer, activist, and storyteller dedicated to exploring the healing power of words. She recently completed her guided journal The Way of The Heroine.

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TedX Salem: Sustaining Bravery During Difficult Times 


Part 1: Embodied Conversations about Racism and AntiRacism


Healing Suffering, Restoring Wholeness, Supporting Liberation

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