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In this fast paced world of external focus, competition, and success obsession I found myself in need of a place of stillness, a place where I could think deeply about what is important to me and what is necessary for my healing. I sought a place where my voice would be valued, my ideas encouraged, and my story heard. This journal is that place. Welcome to The Way of the Heroine: A Women’s Healing Journal. 

This journal was created specifically for the survivor of abuse. Its pages are a powerful resource for healing, exploration, and re-connection to the inner wisdom that dwells within each of us. 

It is an invitation to take an amazing journey of self-awareness. Our journey doesn’t require special talents, or adherence to specific rules. It only requires one quality, and that is the willingness to trust your voice as a powerful teacher and source of healing and recovery. 

The Way of the Heroine:

A Healing Journal

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Healing Suffering, Restoring Wholeness, Supporting Liberation

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