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Vanessa Timmons      Personal Coaching


Personal Coaching

You Can Do This!

I provide personal coaching to individuals and small groups who are ready to take the next step in accomplishing their lifestyle, health, relationship, and career goals.  


Are you making a career change, later in life? Or struggling to make significant changes to your lifestyle to build health and longevity? Or dealing with grief and loss, wondering what comes next?


Coaching can help.  My coaching practice combines the ancient wisdom of the healer, and the deep power of story,  with the modern science of interpersonal neurobiology to help you develop the resources you need to create lasting change and find your true purpose. 

Coaching Helps You: 

  • Build Resilience 

  • Enhance your Health, Relationships, and Work/Life Balance

  • Prepare for Your Personal Growth or Transition 

  • Identify Practical Solutions to your Life Challenges 


Healing Suffering, Restoring Wholeness, Supporting Liberation

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